Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Hello and Warm Wishes to Everyone

Hello Everybody!

Sorry to have been out of touch! I have been dealing with my fatigue and pain plus Jerry has not been doing well. We have been busy with doctor appointments, trips to the pharmacy and keeping track of all activities. I also finally spent time figuring out what Part D Medicare Plan would work best for us. That job can be time consuming and confusing.

During this season one of the things I would like to share includes a way to free yourself of inner pain. Emotional pain, the pain many of us deal with sometimes without even realizing it. The act and word I would like to share is the act of "Forgiveness."

Forgiveness shows love, strength, and kindness. It means you have honestly come to terms with both the person and what was done to you. It does not necessarily mean you trust that person as you did before, to do so would be naive. Trust must be rebuilt and in time the individual may earn your trust. Forgiveness has nothing to do with trust. Forgiveness is not pretending something never happened. To forgive is to use your heart and your head.

Some people think that forgiveness is for the weak, cowardly, the stupid, and the spineless. Forgiveness requires guts, determination, perseverance, courage, and love. Forgiveness is a spiritual event and sets you free. Keep in mind that the process makes you the victor, not the victim because you are the one choosing to forgive.

So, if you have any friends or relatives you have not kept in touch with because they have hurt you and you have not allowed yourself the freedom to forgive. Take the time to consider what you gain in the end.

I leave you with this Psalm 34:14, "Seek peace and pursue it." If you are not at peace, then don't proceed. Ask God to help you know what to do and what to say. He will answer your prayer.

I hope and pray everyone has a peaceful, healthy day today. Soft Hugs