Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Trying to Hang In There!

Hello Everybody,

I have not posted for awhile because I have had a tough time dealing with my current pain and fatigue levels. I have also been busy driving Jerry to all of his doctor appointments.

On November 4, 2009 I decided to go ahead and get a flu shot. What a mistake! I started fighting flu like symptoms on November 5th, up until the 12th!

I have recently been thinking about how difficult it is to keep a positive attitude when you are stressing about family illnesses, your own physical limitations and money. All of these added medical bills and medications are taking a toll on our budget. I am trying to remind myself that allowing all this exposure to stress just makes me more vulnerable to the negative consequences of stress. Stress also directly affects a part of the nervous system that controls the glands, heart, digestive system and skin.

The main thing to remember is that FMS and CFS are NOT stress disorders. We have generalized pain, fatigue, stiffness and morning fatigue, along with other symptoms. Pain is not the only symptom which is prominent in patients with this disorder.

Yes, most of us get worse after any form of physical or psychological stress. The worsening of symptoms typically occurs 24 to 48 hours after any sudden form of exertion. It is so important that doctors and the medical community realize that the clinical features they see are not always the most important thing.

It really disturbs me that many doctors and journals (literature), reports have equated FMS/CFS (ME/CFS) with labels of depression-like or somatization disorder. Those terms are used too commonly with too little after thought.

Sure, patients may fight periods of depression or feel down in the dumps, but that is not to say that FMS or CFS is just another form of depression. If you suffer from depression, you should not be made to feel badly about it by either your family or the medical community. The main thing is to seek help and don't let anyone blame you for feeling blue.

1). Identify your particular physical and psychological stressor's and eliminate or minimize them.

2). Don't misuse your body on a tolerable day. Pace, Pace, Pace.

3). Prevent muscle deconditioning by doing regular activities such as walking or stretching. You will have to find out which forms of exercise don't provoke your symptoms or make you feel worse.

I hope and pray that the medical community and all family members (those not affected by this disorder), try to understand what we are all going through. Stress does contribute to our fatigue and we must continue to fight back and keep our chin up with positive thoughts, prayers, music, and staying in touch with people that have a positive attitude.

I hope and pray everyone is having a fatigue and pain free day.