Monday, December 22, 2008

Happy Holidays

Hello Everyone,

I wanted to wish everyone a Happy Healthy Holiday! May you be healthy, stress-free, and remember it is not all about giving or receiving gifts. The gift of love has no price, so remember all of your friends, family and let go of any bad feelings....just enjoy and smile:)



Monday, December 15, 2008

Ask a Health Maven- on Wellsphere

Hello Everyone!

Wellsphere has come up with something new for everyone to take advantage of, so please read on.

Recession Special: Free answers from doctors and expert patients who truly care

Wellsphere’s Health Mavens provide free answers to millions of health seekers

What is a Health Maven?

Health Maven is the term we use to describe the carefully-selected, knowledgeable, health and healthy living experts who volunteer their time to help support community members by answering their health questions and concerns. Health Mavens include doctors, nurses, psychologists, personal trainers and nutritionists, as well as patient experts and opinion leaders. Health Mavens are wonderful, caring people who are committed to helping others live healthier, happier lives.

How do I contact a Health Maven?

The easiest way to contact a Health Maven is to simply ask a question in the boxes labeled “Ask a Health Maven” (see right). Your question will be automatically sent to the Health Mavens with relevant experience and expertise. In addition, you can identify Health Mavens on Wellsphere anytime you see the Health Maven logo (Health Maven) on their articles, answers or profile pages.

So, check it out and get answers! Ask Here
The question and answer discussion page: Here

When people ask a question in a community, the question is then sent to the relevant Health Mavens, who use their experience and expertise to provide helpful answers.

1st Annual People's Health Bloggers Award

Hello Everyone,

This week Wellsphere has announced their 1st Annual People's Health Bloggers Award, a competition where I can be chosen by my readers to be the world's #1 Health Blogger.

I entered the competition today, so all voters (all Internet Users) can decide who is the best health blogger on-line. Wellsphere is allowing readers to vote for me right from my blog!

I have added my Vote for me Badge on the side bar and all my friends and fans can help me win by adding my personalized Vote for Me badge to their sites too (as long as you are not participating in the competition). So post my Vote for Me badge on your blog or website. You do not have to be a health blogger- any blog or website is a good platform to promote me and my blog.

Voting begins on December 15 and ends on January 15, 2009. They will announce the winner on January 19th. The most important thing is everyone checking out Wellsphere----where you can find lots of resources and help. So please take the time to check out Wellsphere.

I hope and pray you have a pain and fatigue free day!

Fibro Viv