Monday, October 19, 2009

Just A Short Note

Hello Everybody,

I just wanted to drop a short note because I am truly fatigued. I am truly struggling with this phase of my fatigue and pain. I need to focus on taking care of myself however, I have too many loved ones that need me and require my time and energy. I was able to sign up on twitter today:)

Please pray that I will be able to sleep in tomorrow and feel better when I wake up. I need to get back on my supplements soon. Perhaps a miracle will come my way.

Keeping the faith:) I just wanted to say hello.

I hope and pray everyone is experiencing joy in their lives and that everyone has had a pain and fatigue free day.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

My Grandchildren with Pumpkins

Hello Everyone,

Here are some individual pictures of my grandchildren, Lorena and Alessandra. They will be 2 years old on October 31, 2009.

I hope and pray everyone has a pain and fatigue free day.

Sharing Photos - Family

Hello Everybody,

Here is a recent picture of my grandchildren, daugther-in-law and middle son at the pumpkin patch.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Focus on Accomplishments

Hello Everyone,

What a week it has been. Jerry lost his wallet and we have no idea where. He did not notice it until about three days after we had been out with a friend to dinner. No telling where it is. Oh well, I am ordering new a Medicare card, his license (he can no longer drive) or id. Thank goodness I never let him carry much money because this has happened more than 2-3 times. Poor baby, he feels badly, but what can we do? I will not stress over this because I don't have enough energy to do it. Stress is not good for our family environment.

Jerry almost ended up in the hospital on Monday fortunately, we went to see the doctor and he figured out a different means of administering the only IV medication that helps Jerry's breathing issues. Usually they only administer this medication in the hospital, there is a place called Austin Infusion Center where they use the IV's. The only problem was I had to take him to two places on Monday, he had to have the medication on Tuesday (twice) and he had two other appointments this week. We found out he had to have nasal surgery this week. So, I have to plan out budgeting money for surgery. You have to pay upfront, no payments arrangements.

I have not had much sleep this week and have had to drive around more than usual. I was so fatigued on Tuesday, I stayed in the car while Jerry went in for his dose of medication.

Lets get down to what I wanted to post about. Due to our chronic illness and disabilities we are unable to accomplish certain tasks or complete the number of chores we want to. We must focus on what we have been able to accomplish. While I have not been able to take care of certain chores, I have completed some, so I feel good about it. I have been able to drag myself out of bed, take Jerry to his appointments and somehow managed to visit my Mom during the process. That is great and I thank my Lord for giving me the strength to walk, drive and support my family.

I am ashamed of myself for not recognizing I can walk unlike some of my other Blogger friends. Shame on me. I pray to God for forgiveness.

Do yourself a favor and focus on the positive aspects of your life and recognize how blessed you are. Don't fall into that trap of not noticing others with much more pain.

Thinking of everyone and I hope and pray everyone has had a pain and fatigue free week.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Reflecting on My Goals

Hello Everyone,

My goal has been to share my experience, tools and how I deal with my ME/CFS. I am trying to remain positive everyday and take control of my health. God has chosen us to take on this challenge and it is up to us to make peace with it and then transcend all our emotions and feelings with a full understanding of what his plan is. I believe he wanted me to share my own experience, share tools, and information. I have met so many people dealing with this health challenge, many are alone.

While I enjoyed my career and found it to be a great learning experience, I wasn’t doing what I originally wanted to do. So, maybe this is God’s way of granting me the opportunity to help others. Here are some questions to ask yourself and I would like others to give me feedback.

1). Has this illness changed my personality? Have my priorities in life changed?

2). I know I had to make lifestyle changes? Would they have happened for another reason? Perhaps due to age, wisdom or life experiences?

3). Am I accepting my path in life?

4). The choice is mine, am I embracing this illness and learning to think about all the other great miracles in my life? I do have many things to be grateful for, so am I focusing on those things? If not? Why not?

It helps me to ask myself these questions, it reminds me not to feel sorry for myself and focus on what I have accomplished in the past and present. Remind myself of the blessings in my life. I don't know if I would have ever been interested in blogging or reading other sites, perhaps this illness had lead me to this wonderful path of making new friends from all over the world.

I hope and pray people that suffer from chronic illnesses are able to cope with everyday challenges. I have been given the opportunity to learn about how others handle their challenge in life and the many gifts people have to offer.

I want all of you to know I am grateful for having this wonderful opportunity of meeting you and reading your personal posts, or viewing your photo's, art, and so much more.

I ask God to forgive me when I am weak and to give me the strength to continue to focus on the positive aspects of my life.

I hope and pray everyone has a pain and fatigue free day.

The Past Two Days

Hello Everyone,

The past two days have been tough. The weather changed again and it is cooler outside. Rain is not my friend, it is my lawns friend, but not mine. It is not very cool, but any cool weather does not agree with my body. It has been difficult to get up and get going. I had to go pick up a script of medication to help me stay alert. Since I am unable to afford the Concerta ER I am taking Methylin 10MG. I take two in the morning with my pain medication to help me wake up. I am pretty useless without it. I am to take two more in the afternoon to keep me awake. However, my memory is not as good as it used to be, so I forget and later realize why I am not alert. I know it sounds crazy, but that is what my life is like.

The Methylin is not doing the job and I am looking forward to January 2010 when my new deductible on medication starts and I have not met my donut hole. Does anyone know what I am talking about when I mention donut hole? Your Medicare Part D prescription covers only so much of the medication and once you have met that limit, you have to pay a higher price. Thank goodness, my pain medication and this new medication only cost $16.00 because they are generic. Starting in January I pay $70.00 for Concerta versus over $200.00 a month. My doctor will not prescribe Adderall or anything like it that comes in generic form. Darn. Oh well, I am adjusting to the new medications.

I am experiencing Fibro Fog and caught myself unable to remember words. It is so frustrating when you forget simple things. I also slur my words on occasion and I do not even notice it. When I am speaking, it sounds clear to me however, my family will let me know they cannot understand me. This morning I was trying to use the word taking and said smaking. Sadly enough I knew I was doing it. I will not allow my family to let me talk on the telephone or do anything of importance for at least a couple of hours after I wake up. Why? The reason is I cannot even recall my conversations with people. I have asked my family not to ask me anything of importance until I am more alert. Please do not feel sorry for me, just pray I am not taken advantage of! Just kidding, I know my family would not take advantage of my inability to remember important conversations. What worries me is when someone calls and insist upon speaking to me. That has happened in the past, but I put a stop to that.

I believe my journey in life is a bit comical and leaves a lot of room for humor. I guess what I am trying to tell those of you that suffer from Fibro Fog, do not let this get you down. Perhaps we are even forgetting some of our pain in the process. I believe the journey we are experiencing makes us stronger. If we figure out our shortcomings, we can find ways around them, which in a way encourages us to keep our mental health in check. This is why it is so important to keep a journal. Trust me, I have gone back to read some of my old journals and do not even remember some of my most painful experiences. Things happen for a reason and it is our job to make the best of what is happening or change.

My tip is do not be hard on yourself, so what if you do not remember, and write down what you think you have to remember. That is if you can remember what you wanted to write down! Just a joke, keep your sense of humor. I hope this post is not confusing. If so, my apologies.

My thoughts are with all of you and I pray and hope you had a pain and fatigue free day.


Thursday, October 08, 2009

Oh What a Day

Hello Everyone,

Oh What a Day (sounds like a song), Jerry had another appointment so poor baby had to work hard at waking me up today. He started at 5:30 AM and I was ready by 8:00 AM. I truly feel sorry for him, he has to give me my medications and give me at least an hour to try to wake up. I am very spoiled. He sets up by bath water for me. Shameful! I appreciate it so very much:)

Anyway, I had to get up early so I could borrow my son's car. I have to save enough money and get my car fixed. My poor son has to get up early so he can come by our home and pick us up to drop him off. I am blessed to have such a good son, he does not mind helping us out and lending his car out to his crazy Mom who is not coherent. Scary, I know.

I was bad girl last night and stayed up late catching up on Fringe episodes. I knew I had to get up early and I have trouble falling asleep. Sometimes I am my worst enemy. I should be more considerate of Jerry (hubby). He just deals with it. I believe I married my soul mate. He is my best friend, my love and he loves me for who I am. Amazing.

Oh back to my "Oh What a Day,” the words reminded me of music. Music can be very healing. When you feel so alone, turn on that music and dance, dance, dance. Smile, Smile, Smile, and dance like nobody is watching you. Honestly, it is a mood booster. Try it. Make up a song...Oh What a Day, I can make it my day, I can feel good today, just make it my day, Oh what a day. Okay, so I wasn't meant to be a songwriter. Hee Hee Perhaps I made you smile? Come on, you can do it ...SMILE, SMILE, DANCE, COMPOSE A SONG. I know I sound crazy. Crazy makes me happy. Try it you will like it.

I am way out of it; I think I will go to bed now.

I am sorry I have no tips. Actually, I did have one tip. Listen to music. It can help enhance your mood. Please make sure it is happy music.

I am thinking about everyone and praying that you have had a pain and fatigue free day.

God Bless,


Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Remember to Update Your Medication List

Hello Everybody,

I am feeling so much better these days and I have been working on staying positive and motivated. I thought I would remind everyone to update their medication list. If you have a notebook where you can divide sections by topic, one section should include medications taken, doctors, emergency contacts. etc.

What information is the best?

- The name of the medicine and what it is suppose to do.
- How and when to take it and for how long.
- What foods, beverages, other medicines and activities to avoid while taking the medicine.
- Potential side effects and what to do if they occur.
- What to do if you miss a dose.
- Proper storage instructions.
- Update your calendar to include when prescriptions should be filled.
- Name, address and phone number to pharmacy.

Special Notes:

- Allergies
- Medications you are allergic to
- Immunizations (current list)
- Emergency Contact Information

Add a calendar section for appointments and prescription refills. A calendar can help when you are on a budget and have to make sure you have money available to refill scripts. Good luck and please try my tips.

Always remember that Pharmacists not only prepare your medication, they are there to answer questions you may have. They can also offer computerized records of all your purchases for insurance or income tax purposes. Don't be shy, ask for the list.

An updated journal will help you and your family stay informed. I know it isn't easy, but that extra effort will allow you to start taking control of your health.

I hope and pray everyone has a pain and fatigue free day.

Sunday, October 04, 2009

What's New?

Hello Everyone!

I have been so busy taking Mom to the doctor, Jerry to the doctor, checking in on my friends, and visiting my beautiful twin grandchildren (Lorena and Alessandra). I will have to add a picture of them here for you to see. I need a recent photo, so it will come soon.

I just visited a beautiful site with a beautiful song that has to be at the top of my favorite songs. I love all kinds of music, but this song just calmed me down and made me feel so good. The words are what I believe people are! We all have so much to share and experience.

Here is the link to site of my newest friend connection and song: Smile

I will write soon, just wanted to share that song. I am feeling a bit better and working on listening to that inside voice that is just whispering for now. Smile Smile:)