Thursday, May 25, 2017

Starting to open up

Hello Everyone,

I'm starting to open up and let people in again. Yes, I have done what is necessary to just live each and everyday. As days go by all I can think about is Jerry's last day on this earth. What might be different if I hadn't left the hospital room as requested by the nurse. Was it his way of letting go while I wasn't there to make it easier on me? I'm haunted by this moment in time when I felt something was wrong while in the waiting room. I felt something and ran into his room where I found them trying to resuscitate him. I asked them to stop, he didn't need to suffer any longer. He hung on as long as he could for 29 long days in that hospital. He was able to say "I love you" and gave me a hug and several kisses. I thought he would recover even though the doctors felt I needed to let go. I got lost in that moment and told them to stop. At that moment I felt it was the right thing to say but later felt remorse. It has been almost five years now and I feel like I made the right decision. I hope he knows I did it for him. I selfishly wanted him here with me but knew I had to let him go.

I am finally letting his soul rest, trying to move on without his love and affection. That love and affection that fed my heart and soul. I still cry and crave his presence. I can't explain the way I feel each and everyday of my life without him here with me.

I still have his things around me and have never cleaned out our closet or medicine cabinet. Those steps are necessary but so very hard to take. I don't know if I will ever find the strength to let go of his things. I pray for him and I know in my heart he is no longer suffering. I also know how hard it was for him to let go because he loved with such passion, his family was everything to him.

He taught me how to love unconditionally, how to accept someone in every way possible. This is one of the most important lessons he taught me in life and I cherish every moment we had.

That's all for now, keep reading my new posts if you are interested.

I pray and hope you have a day free of pain and fatigue.

Fibro Viv

Today's Tip:  When you are experiencing a flare-up force yourself to get out of bed, take a hot bath, and try to move. Spend time reading your favorite book, watch a movie, listen to music, just do something. You must try to focus on taking control of your health. Don't let this pain and fatigue take over your life. Fight.

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