Thursday, May 25, 2017

Here I go again

Hello Everyone,

Here I go again,

When no one else could understand me, he was always there for me. He held my hand, listened, and gave me the courage to move forward. Now I must move forward without him.I must find the courage and strength he always gave me. I must do it because the pain in my heart is killing my soul.

Did you ever want something so bad you ached all over? Did you ever feel your heartache so much you could visualize the blood flowing, the blood pouring out of your heart. It almost tears me apart, apart from living each day. I know in my heart that I must stop the bleeding and move forward. I focus on those moments when I felt close to him but it leads me down a dark path where there is lots of sorrow and pain because I know he is no longer here in my life. I have lost him forever and know in my heart I must move on without him.

Well, keep reading if you are interested. I pray and hope you have a day free of pain and fatigue.

Fibro Viv

Today's Tip: If you are in extreme pain, get up, take a hot bath, wrap yourself up in a warm robe and lay back. Place pillows under your legs and on each side of your arms. Listen to some music and try to get lost in the words or sound of the music. Escape that pain and relax. God Bless

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